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NX3 Series Amendment 3 Metal Consumer Unit
Product Features:

Chint NX3 Metal Consumer Units

The Chint NX3 range of Metal Consumer is available from the 3 Ways up to 36 Ways.

The NX3s are designed to comply to the new 3rd Amendment BS7671:2008 and BSEN 61439-3.

The entire range is tested and approved to those standards by independent third parties.

There is an interconnecting cable available for ease of cabling between the mains incomer and individual RCDs. The large enclosure size is often asked for by customers who might want to add specialised equipment such as Meters, Contactors and Transformers and where space is not limited.


NX3 BSEN Certificate
NX3 Empty Box CE

Catalog Download

Catalog Download: NX3 Series Amendment 3 Metal Consumer Unit.pdf  
Certificates: NX3 Series Amendment 3 Metal Consumer Unit Certificate.pdf