About us

Chint Corporation. A Green Energy Solution Provider:

  • Formed in 1984 by Mr Cunhui Nan.
  • A sales figure of $10.3 Billion.
  • 30,000 Worldwide employees.
  • A distribution network covering more than 100 countries.

Chint in the UK

Chint UK continue to invest in quality people so as to develop a strong commercial and technical team capable of supporting the needs of its growing customer base from its location in Stockport Cheshire.

There is a multi language capability capable of communicating speedily with company headquarters thereby ensuring that customers get the service they deserve.

Today’s products include many types of top quality domestic and industrial control equipment, energy distribution equipment, measurement equipment, wiring accessories and many types of industrial control, the vast majority carrying that all important 3rd party product approval referred to earlier.

Markets served include controls for smart houses, electric vehicle charging systems, energy distribution, telecommunications etc.


One Stop Electrical Solutions:

The Chint product range is vast, indeed the companies products portfolio covers everything except the generators that provide electricity from the power station to the home and workplace. Low voltage control and monitoring, transmission, distribution , automation and metering etc.

The company is one of the largest clean energy (solar) suppliers and energy efficient management solution providers offering the most complete product range.

Every year 3% of turnover is invested in R&D so as to ensure that Chint maintains its enviable position by investing in products such as green energy distribution, controls for electric vehicles, home automation and many other products for “Tomorrows World”.

Global Company  –  Local Service:

Chint continues to develop factories across the world, China, Germany, Spain, Malaysia to name just a few.

The company understands that if it is to develop and prosper in international markets there is no alternative. Stockport UK is just one such example. There is a very substantial stock holding usually enabling goods to be with the customer early the morning after they are ordered from anywhere in the UK.

Local service backed up by commercial and technical support staff working closely with end users or through a network of some 2,000 distributors and local partners is the only way to ensure that customers receive the support they deserve.

Customer Support is the key to Growth:

It is a key part of Chints growth strategy to work ever closer with customers so as to provide the optimum “solution” to their needs, not just to supply the components but a “total solution”.