Chint Industrial Catalogue 2022

LV Power Distribution

Power Protection Devices

Motor Control Gear Components


Amendment 3 Catalogue 2017

NX3 Series Consumer units and accessories

Amendment 3 Compliant

2 ways to 36 ways


NXDB Series Catalogue 2020

125A and 200A options

4 ways to 24 ways

Metering and Accessories


Chint Shield Starter Catalogue

DOL Starters

Star-Delta Starters

Direct Reversing Starters


Shield Wiring Accessories Catalogue

RCD Sockets and Spurs

Weatherproof Range (IP66)

Metalclad Range


Chint Shield Panel Board Catalogue

250A or 400A Incomer

Wall Mountable

Developed and Manufactured in the UK


Chint Trade Price List – November 2023

Chint Shield Terms and Conditions